Un-Timely (2018)

Time does not stop; history has no end. Even minor and seemingly unimportant
events define our life, as they push us over the limits, out of the comfort zone, encouraging
new achievements. As an artist, I reconstruct that canvas of events that is being woven
permanently, constantly, and that constitutes our life. The project reveals everyday,
ordinary events through the typical characters of the era that turn into historical phantoms.
From one point of view, depicted events are insignificant, from another—everlasting. Both
views are an illusion. The image technique makes it resemble either a fresco with a
textured craquelure, or a watercolor painting—with its duality it emphasizes an illusion of
out-of-timeness, visualizes the way time works. What is depicted is not the future or the
past—it is timeless. Did it happen or will it? In that way one historical era that had not
accepted the tradition of the previous one, “shimmers” through another one. “Time” in the
project is, defeated by “timelessness”. The irony is in the fact that life events (however
important) in reality are everlasting processes, valuable and independent from historical
and evolutional events.

Friedrich Nietzsche, developing his concept of “untimely”, pointed out that “trust in
what is to come…depends, with the individual as with a people, on the following facts:
that there is a line which divides the observable brightness from the unilluminated
darkness, that we know how to forget at the right time just as well as we remember at the
right time.” All of that is necessary to act untimely, that is, contradicting the course of
time; and as a result—to influence time. Thus, UN-TIMELY, frozen at the verge of a
moment, becomes a string of meaningful and artistic oppositions. These oppositions, on
the one hand, merge into one paradoxical whole—a mental phantom; on the other hand,
they serve as a visualization of deconstructing the past in contemporary society.

Victor Sydorenko